Dental Implants


Do you have a missing tooth? There are different ways to replace it: from a Removable Partial Denture and Flipper to a Fixed Partial denture or Bridge or a Dental Implant. An Implant is an artificial root inserted to the bone to replace the root of the missing tooth. There are different types of dental implant but all made from Titanium that is a bio-inert Metal.

Dental Implant stages

The bone needs at least 4-6 months to form around the newly placed implant. We recommend a staged implant placement for a better long term success.

Dental Implant Costs

Dental implant prices are higher than traditional teeth replacement. We are offering various payment plans for dental implant; with no interest rate for 12 months payments and low interest rate for up to 60 months payments.

Dental Implant Infection

Can dental implants be infected? It is very important to receive regular cleaning for dental implants since the tissue around the dental implants needs to be cleaned professionally at least every 6 months. Some systemic conditions and diseases can reduce the body defense against the bacteria and can cause infection around implants. In case of any failure of the implant during the first year of insertion we will re-insert a new implant with no cost for our patients.

For more information about dental implants you can visit the Canadian Dental Association website.

Before, Missing front tooth.

3 months after Crown insertion.

Patient’s smile after Implant.

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